Pheasant Hunting
If you want to field hunt pheasants with just your best friend (dog of course) or want a fun filled hunt with 20 of your closest friends we have an option for you.
TLTR operates as a licensed game farm allowing you to work your dog and shoot boot roosters and hens year-round – bird availability dependent.

Field Hunts
The excitement of a pheasant flushed in front of you is something that no hunter will ever forget. When a beautiful pheasant rips out of the grass to make his escape, it’s the type of experience that burns into your memory. Our field hunts are guided through of food plots. You choose how many pheasants you would like and they are released before you arrive. 1 flushing dog is required, if you don’t have a bird dog we are able to book one for you – based on availability.

6 Bird – Guided Field Hunt
Includes: Guide, 6 pheasants, beverage
$144.00 per hunter
Start 8:00 am or 1:00 pm (arrive 30 min early)
1-4 hunters
1 Dog required – available for: $15/hour
Deposit: $70 per hunter

12 Bird – Guided Field Hunt
Includes: Guide, 12 pheasant & beverage
$264.00 per hunter
1-4 hunters
Start at 8:00 am (arrive 30 min early)
1 Dog required – available for: $15/hour
Deposit: $125 per hunter

European Tower Shoot
The European Hunt is the perfect fit for those looking for a unique and challenging pheasant hunting experience. It also provides an
alternative for those not able to field hunt. It’s designed for larger groups and can accommodate 5-30 hunters. The shooting grounds consist of either 5 or 10 shooting stations – 2 shooters per station. Stations range from 80-110 yards from the 40-foot tower in the center. Shooters surround the tower in either a full or clock formation. From the tower 10 pheasants will be released then shooters will rotate clockwise so that everyone will be positioned in different locations allowing for ample shooting by all. Shooting positions are situated to allow only overhead shooting at pheasants that have a flying start of at least 75 yards, most shots are 20-30 yards. A beverage break during the middle of the hunt allows hunters to trade stories and prepare for the final round. Once complete all birds are divided equally.
If you have never been to a Tower Shoot we can assure that it is very challenging even for the experienced wing shooter. This style of hunting is perfect for; corporate events, bachelor parties and the physically challenged.

Tower Hunt- Clock
Includes guide, 10 pheasants, beverage
$250 per hunter
5-10 hunters
8:00 am or 1:00 pm start (arrive 30 min early)
2 dogs required – available for: $15/hour - each
Deposit: $100 per hunter

Tower Hunt - Full Clock
Includes guide, 10 pheasants, beverage
$250 per hunter
10-30 hunters
8:00 am start (arrive 30 min early)
4 dogs required – available for: $15/hour - each
Deposit: $100 per hunter

Additional Birds

$21/each Straight run (50/50 mix)
$23/each – All Roosters
$19/each – All Hens

Clay Shoot (Shells not provided)
25 clays: $15
50 clays: $25
100 clays: $35

Reservations and non-refundable deposits are required
Hunts are all mixed run unless requested otherwise
No hunting license required & no bag limits
*5.5% tax added to all hunts
Open to the public - No Membership required

Items to bring:
Shot gun & shells: 2 3/4″ - #5 bird shot or lighter
Ages 15-17 must have proof of hunter safety
Cooler / Ice to transport birds
Blaze orange vest, shooting glasses & hearing protection
Dress according to weather

Blaze orange is required, if you do not have it we will supply it
Hearing & eye protection is recommended, if you do not have it we will supply it
Absolutely NO alcohol prior to or during a hunt
Children 15-17 must have proof of hunter safety course and must be ‘mentored’ by an adult within arm’s reach at all times during the hunt. Maximum one ‘child’ per adult.
Guns must be unloaded until hunters reach their assigned area and before they leave the area.

Dogs: You must have a bird dog with you - if you don't have a dog, a dog & handler can be provided for $15.00/hour. Our professional guides are very experienced hunters and have guided for many years. We have pointing and flushing dogs available. Dogs must be requested a minimum of three days prior to the hunt, booked on availability.
Dogs must be kept under control at all times.
Dogs must be leashed when not working.